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August 2018 News Clippings with Analyses from Robert Wasser

By now, you may have already taken notice of a Greater Seattle real estate market shift I started pointing out months ago. Of the analyses/quotes I provided in this month's press release from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service, the one that didn't make it to local media outlets is the one that sums it up pretty plainly:

"People are taking notice of the evolving real estate landscape -- even my mom tells me she's noticing more for sale signs"

Though my mom didn't make it past the press release and into the actual news, one data point I provided did. Though to me, it's less about the data point and more about the likely outcome of a shifting market for buyers and sellers.

"In Seattle and King County supply is at the highest level since first quarter 2015, which has me thinking about the longevity of seller luxuries like offer review dates, pre-inspections, and escalation clauses"

Here are the links...

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