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Robert Wasser on Seattle Growth Podcast sharing real estate data for homelessness discussion with Ki

It’s hard to believe it has already been years since I was first a guest talking real estate data in one of the inaugural episodes of the Seattle Growth Podcast from University of Washington Professor, Jeff Shulman.

Fast forwarded to Professor Shulman’s 5th season that just came out, and guess what, we’re still talking about the effect of housing affordability on homelessness.

Season 5 Episode 1 features a “regional approach to addressing homelessness” in an interview with King County Executive, Down Constantine, followed by a check in with yours truly about Seattle home prices and some recent shifts in the market that are starting to provide some relief to renters and buyers.

About the Seattle Growth Podcast:

"The Seattle Growth Podcast started as a 13 episode journey led by University of Washington professor, Jeff Shulman, into the minds of residents, businesses, and city leaders about what Seattle’s economic and population growth means to them.* Since then it has become a destination for a constructive dialog about many of the challenges and opportunities facing everyone in a growing city."

Professor Shulman, and the insight he has to share from his research and immersion in the Seattle growth conversation, has become a local and national media can also find Professor Shulman on Twitter @ProfShulman.

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