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How much do new homes cost in Bothell?

The city of Bothell, located across Lake Washington to the east of Seattle, spans from North King County to South Snohomish County.

The most recent Data from the US Census Bureau shows Bothell’s population was 45,533 as of July, 2017, though that has surely grown over the past year thanks largely to the amount of available, developable land.


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To put the quantity of new homes in perspective, let’s compare to nearly built-out Seattle, whose population was 724,745 last July. During the 2nd quarter of 2018, there were 129 new construction homes (excluding townhomes and condos) listed and sold on the Northwest Multiple Listing Service in Seattle – Bothell had 173 sales.

How much do new homes cost in Bothell? New Construction Image.

How much do new homes cost in Bothell? During the 2nd Quarter of 2018, the median selling price for new construction homes in Bothell, excluding condos and townhouses, was $821,945. New construction homes accounted for 34.1% of homes sold.

Compared to existing homes, the median new home in Bothell sold for 23.6% more than existing homes ($665,000) during the 2nd Quarter of 2018.

*Information and statistics derived from Northwest Multiple Listing Service

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