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Most and least expensive zip codes in Seattle

By now, we're all fully aware of the escalating prices for homes in and around Seattle. But what are the most expensive places to live in Seattle, and correspondingly, what are the least expensive places to live in Seattle?

The discrepancy between the least and most expensive zip code is pretty stark for single family homes, with the two most expensive zip codes more than doubling the two least expensive zip codes.

Probably not much of a surprise that the Madison Park, Capitol Hill, and Queen Anne areas topped the list. The lowest prices can be found in South Seattle. Here are the April median selling prices of single family homes in the most and least expensive zip codes in Seattle:

  • 98112 (Madison Park and Capitol Hill) - $1,317,500

  • 98109 (Queen Anne) - $1,150,000

  • 98146 (White Center) - $575,000

  • 98178 (Bryn Mawr - Skyway) - $525,000

Most and Least Expensive Zip Codes in Seattle

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