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It's not all glamour, and our new 3 year old assistant sheds light on that.

The real estate TV shows out there are nowhere near an accurate depiction of what it is like to buy and sell a home or what the life of a real estate broker is like.

There's of course the contingent of people out there who think real estate agents are overpaid, focusing solely on the single commission earned and neglecting all of the time, resources, and cost associated with being a successful real estate broker.

You might be surprised to learn that the median gross income of Realtors was only $42,500 in 2016, and this is from a largely well educated group of hard working people... 93% of Realtors have completed at least some college, most Realtors worked 40 hours per week in 2016, and they had a median of 10 years of experience - according to National Association of Realtor statistics.

For that one day when a transaction closes, the keys are handed over, and a paycheck is earned... there's a whole bunch of days like this:

That being said, getting to spend time with my daughter and her getting to see me work and learn valuable lessons at a young age, is easily one of the absolute best perks of my career as a real estate professional.

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