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Take part in an 'act of kindness' and join us at "Good for a Change Ravenna Park Cleanu

Are you tired of the negativity in the news? Does the political climate make you feel like we're a nation divided?

Good for a Change, a grassroots community movement started by UW Professor Jeffrey D. Shulman, sets the divisiveness aside by bringing people together to perform acts of kindness in the community.

Everlee thanking first responders at Good for a Change

The movement consists of all ages of "people who are willing to be the change they wish to see and who will give effort toward cultivating a culture of compassion, kindness, and respect."

I've enjoyed the opportunity to expose my daughter, Everlee, to positivity at past Good for a Change events by writing cards of support and providing gifts for children at Seattle Children's Hospital as well as bringing thank you cards, banners, and brownies to local firefighters (that's Everlee on the right side of the banner).

I'll be at the Ravenna Park cleanup on April 22nd, and this time I get to fly the drone to help Jeff get some great aerial shots of the helpful community in action. Join us!

Here's the Facebook event page:

Good for a Change - Ravenna Park Cleanup

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