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How much does waterfront property cost in Seattle? King County?

We're not exactly the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" like Minnesota, but those familiar with the Greater Seattle and King County area know we have the privilege of having water all around us. So how much does waterfront property cost in Seattle and King County?

From Lake Union, Lake Washington, and Puget Sound to Pine Lake in Sammamish, Lake Boren in Newcastle, and 7+ mile long Lake Sammamish on the Eastside, to the countless streams and creeks, to rivers like Cedar River and the three forks of the Snoqualmie - there is quite a bit of waterfront property in our area.

Most recently, the three month median sale price of single family homes in Seattle listed in the Northwest Multiple Listing service as having waterfront - be it lake, river, sound, bay, and so on - came in at $1,138,000 for a total of only 15 properties. For King County as a whole, that number came in at $795,000 for about 100 properties.

Surprisingly not that bad, right? But to be fair, the "waterfront" as a whole category is inclusive of the various categories of waterfront, like streams, which obviously command a different price than waterfront like Lake Washington. Heck, one of the Seattle sales was a 572 square foot houseboat on Lake Union that sold for $310,000... but with an $860/month slip rental fee!

Back to the question of 'how much does waterfront property cost in Seattle' for homes that are currently available? As of today (March 4th, 2018), of the 25 actively listed properties, the median comes in at $2,850,000 for a home that sits above the Montlake Cut near Husky Stadium.

I would of course be happy to help you find the right waterfront home - just contact us or call me at 425-260-4583.

*Data compiled from Northwest Multiple Listing Service database

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