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Tech salaries and Seattle housing prices

Here are a few bullet points that help sum up the demand we have for real estate in and around the Seattle area and what has been contributing to the increase in Seattle housing prices:

Tech Salaries

It's well known that we're a major hub of the world tech industry, and a recent State of Salaries Report from the job search site Hired helps put it in perspective. According to Hired's report, tech salaries in Seattle are now averaging $132,000 per year.

Population Growth

According to recently released data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Seattle had a net gain of 21,000 people between July, 2015 and July 2016. Those 21,000 people represent a 3.1% increase and made us tops in the nation for population growth. Seattle Times' "FYI Guy," Gene Balk, lays it all out in this article.

Unemployment Rate

This chart sums it up pretty well...

Tech salaries and Seattle housing prices - unemployment

There are more affordable pockets of homes out there, and if you'd like a list of homes that meet your needs within your price range, then just contact us with the request.

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