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Seattle real estate too expensive? Here's how the dollar stretches North of Seattle

A recent report from the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness highlighted in the Seattle Times ranked Seattle as the 6th least affordable city. The report, which looks at six categories, actually had housing as the most affordable of the group. Overall, Seattle came in at 14th for housing, behind more expensive real estate cities like New York, Washington D.C., Honolulu and parts of California.

Even at 14th, affordability, or the lack there of, has certainly been a hot topic around Seattle. It's true... one of the top job markets in the nation and a glut of people moving here for those jobs has helped push housing affordability out of reach and out of town for many.

For those willing and able to go beyond the borders of Seattle, there are more affordable Seattle real estate options to the north. Looking at the median $/sqft of homes that sold in January, check out the chart below to see how Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace, and Lynnwood stack up compared to Seattle.

Want us to send you a list of homes available for sale in any of these areas? Just contact us with your inquiry and the best email address for delivery of the list.

Seattle Real Estate Trends - more affordable options north of Seattle

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