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Seattle Financial Forum - come ask your financial, tax, and real estate questions over a free brunch

Real estate is just one component of a successful investment portfolio and retirement planning. Having helped people buy and sell homes through ups and downs in the real estate market since 2004, and having bought and sold numerous homes myself, I've come to acknowledge real estate's place in my life and the lives of clients I work with.

At the end of the day, real estate should work hand in hand with your financial and tax strategies as well.

When I personally contemplate decisions to buy and sell real estate in my personal life, I always consult my financial advisor and CPA. This is my somewhat long-winded lead in to the Seattle Financial Forum I've put together.

Seattle Financial Forum Website Snapshot

The Seattle Financial Forum is a free brunch and learn opportunity to ask your financial, tax, and real estate questions of our three panelists. I'll be on hand to answer real estate related questions, and we'll also have a financial advisor and CPA on hand to round out the base of expertise.

For event details and to reserve your seat, click on over to

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