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Robert Wasser Elected to NWMLS Board of Directors

Last November, the NWMLS Board of Director's Nomination Committee notified me that I had been asked to run in the election for a position on the Northwest Multiple Listing Service's Board of Directors. Simply having my name put forth by my peers was a real honor for me.

A little background... the Northwest Multiple Listing Service is 'member owned,' and there are currently 15 Directors who help shape the policies, rules, etc for around 24,000 member brokers and appraisers in Washington. It is a significant position within the local real estate industry.

Serving on the MLS Board had been on my career goal list, so the opportunity is something I naturally

took very seriously... I recently found out that my efforts had paid off, and I am proud and fortunate to have been elected by my peers.

I had a lot of support from colleagues, friends, and family, and I owe them my thanks for playing a role in my success.

If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in working with me at Prospera Real Estate, just let me know and we can have a conversation about it.


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