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Sammamish safest city in WA - how much does a home cost there?

A recent report by the National Council for Home Safety and Security ranked Sammamish the safest city in WA. Only cities with at least 10,000 residents were ranked.

Other top 10 cities include Maple Valley (#5), Kenmore (#7), and Snoqualmie (#10). Of the 80 cities ranked, Seattle came in at 69th.

So how do their home values stack up? Here are the median selling prices for single family homes in January, 2018:

Sammamish: $947,395

Maple Valley: $459,950

Kenmore: $724,975

Snoqualmie: $679,269

Sammamish Safest City - Sammamish Home Values

*Median selling price information compiled from Northwest Multiple Listing Service data*

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